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Bar Codes

Let us help you with your Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal needs.

We are an authorized dealer of the Media Match® System. Media Match® is a complete compatibility program designed to provide you with the best possible Thermal Transfer product and ribbon combination.

Let us analyze your unique requirements and provide you with a label or card and ribbon combination that provides the optimum bar code. (Free samples of labels and ribbons are always available).

You don't have to put up with bar codes that don't scan properly or can't stand up to the elements. The right combination is out there. Let us ask you the right questions... Better yet... Let us find you the right answers with Media Match®.

Premium Direct Thermal labels are available as well for all makes and models of printers.

All Thermal Transfer products are available off the shelf as well as personalized.

We carry a vast variety of ribbons for all makes and models of printers.